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The project arose as a response to the ever-increasing number of family appeals in search of a solution to the problem of loneliness of children and adolescents. The lack of lively communication is especially noticeable in children, adolescents and young people with special needs. However, the same problem is relevant in many families of new repatriates, where even ordinary, without limited opportunities, children and adolescents cannot fully and quickly join the already formed children's groups, and therefore the lack of live communication negatively affects their self-awareness and successful adaptation in Israel . Objective difficulties in creating and maintaining friendly relationships among children and youth with disabilities exist under any restrictions; if they overlap with absorption difficulties, then loneliness becomes one of the main problems. A vivid confirmation of this was the number of people who signed up for the project during the first day after the announcement of the recording. One of the main principles of the project is integration and inclusion. That is why the groups of participants in the project will be compiled taking into account not only the age and place of residence, but in such a way that each group will include participants with and without special needs. Such a situation will contribute to expanding the framework of communication, mutual understanding and empathy of all participants. The curators / madrichim of the groups will mediate in situations leading to conflicts or misunderstandings between the group members and strive to create a friendly atmosphere. We, the organizers of the project, attach great importance to self-management groups. We believe that becoming a person is inseparable from freedom of choice, self-awareness and the right to make mistakes. Of course, we do not ignore age-related features, and each group will have its own dynamics. However, despite the characteristics of different groups, one of our main goals is the personal growth of each participant, regardless of how he started the movement, and how much he has advanced. How will the activities of the groups be organized? We will have 2 types of events: 1) in the area where participants live; 2) excursions throughout the country. Meetings of the first type will be held weekly, in the evening or in the afternoon, taking into account the convenience of the participants in each group. We will provide participants with the opportunity to learn how to plan, discuss, and choose what they will do together. It can be joint visits to cinemas, pizzerias, cafes, bowling, performances, parks and attractions, evenings of board games and sports events, various master classes and much more. The ideas and suggestions of the participants themselves will be discussed first. The duration of such meetings is approximately 2 hours. Excursions around the country will also be selected based on the preferences of the project participants. They will take place on weekends and school holidays. Duration of excursions - from 6 hours or more. Before the start of the project, its leader and coordinators will meet with project participants and parents in order to get to know their needs, interests and expectations from participating in the project. Before starting work, all curators / leading groups (madrichim) and regional coordinators will undergo a short training course (briefing).

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