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Single Mom's Cry For Help

We received a request for help from a single, working mother who is also an immigrant.  She has no family in Israel to which to turn for assistance.  She has a daughter who exhibited both behavioral and learning problems.  

This mother had many difficulties with the schools and social services.  Schools refused to accept her daughter, and social services wanted the mother to give up custody. 

The daughter was forced into a special school which was inappropriate for her, the mother was accused of abuse, compelled  to hire babysitters to care for her daughter when she was not in school, and the daughter was denied participation in an after-school program. Meanwhile, she was required to be under treatment by a psychiatrist, who gave her sedatives which had terrible side-effects, and pills for the treatment of attention-deficit disorder (she was not diagnosed as ADD!).  We also learned from the daughter that school staff were physically abusing children in the school. 

In the meantime, social workers continued to interfere with the mother’s parenting and the daughter’s education and treatment, making all kinds of demands to which the mother did not agree.  

After this had been going on for several years the mother turned to Magen Mishpacha for help.  From this point on, we sent a knowledgeable representative with the mom to all meetings with the school and the social workers.  We were able to discover and point out where the school was failing in their responsibility to the daughter. It was also discovered that the school was conniving to obtain the mom’s signature on papers which would have been detrimental to her and her daughter.  

Magen also arranged for the girl to have a “trial” week at a different school – The Democratic School.  It was a good match and the principal of the school offered her enrollment papers.  But the Ministry of Education did not agree and wanted the daughter to continue to attend the special school.  With the help of Magen Mishpacha, the mother appealed that decision and they were successful in their bid to send the girl to The Democratic School.  

The daughter has been happily attending The Democratic School for several years now.  Thanks to the intervention of Magen Mishpacha, both the mother and her daughter have been able to open a new chapter in their lives, for good. 

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