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Projects & Programs



The creation of our program, HaMifgash, has been in response to an ever-increasing number of family appeals in search of a solution to the problems of social integration among children and youth, in particular those who have special needs, or are new immigrants, or both. Without help, these children and youth become lonely, unhappy, and sidelined individuals.


We Care

The aim of "We care" project is to help socially weak categories of the population. First of all, it is for legal education...


Financial Literacy

many young people dream of starting their own businesses, but do not have the necessary knowledge. As a result, small companies that could contribute to the development and prosperity of the economy and society, often become bankrupts within the first year of their existence.


Crisis Prevention

Immigrants, new and not so new often face problems they cannot solve on their own. Poor knowledge of Hebrew or Israeli realities, sometimes does not allow them to even recognize the problem before it becomes a full-scale crisis...



Israel is a country where different cultures have met. We want to help the repatriates from the former Soviet Union, where Russian was the state language, to preserve their cultural roots and bring their culture to the Israeli society...


Institutional And Governmental Advocacy

Within the framework of this project, representatives of NGO “Magen Mishpacha”'s take part in meetings of the Knesset committees...

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