Repatriates — new and not so new — often face problems they cannot solve on their own. Poor knowledge of Hebrew or Israeli realities, sometimes does not allow them to even recognize the problem before it becomes a full-scale crisis, such as withdrawal of children from the family, burden of debts, lawsuits, arrests of property.  ​  The NGO Magen Mishpacha helps people in difficult circumstances to find a way out and solve the problem. However, we consider the prevention of crises to be one of the main fields of our work.  ​  For that purpose, Magen Mishpaha CEO Keren Fishzon gives lectures for new repatriates in Israeli cities.  ​  The topics of her lectures are:  ​  Civil rights and crisis prevention;  Adaptation of children in the education system;  Rent of apartment: Fair Lease Act;  How to become bank’s reliable client;  The fourth generation of Jews: Order of registration of citizenship;  Pensions from countries of origin and Israeli pension funds;   Israeli labor law;  Work through middlemen firms;  Municipal housing;  Ministry of Absorption and other institutions in the life of a new repatriate.  ​  Such series of lectures have been already given, with the support of municipal authorities, in the cities of Jerusalem, Haifa and Bat Yam.


The aim of "We care" project is to help socially weak categories of the population. First of all, it is for legal education. An example of such kind of education is Efraim Melamed’s articles, explaining to the repatriates their pension rights in the countries of their origin. In the "Useful News" section, we tell our readers about their rights in Israel, helping to understand the flow of information that daily attacks an Israeli. NGO "Magen Mishpacha" plans to create "Ask a lawyer" section on the website

We care

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Our mission is to help Israeli citizens and residents know their rights and enjoy them, to open free access to legal education, to make authorities’ activities transparent.

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