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One of the most common problems for newcoming families with children is the system of social services which are responsible for the well-being of children in the family. The reason is the misunderstanding of how social services work; some "horror stories" myths which claim that here your child... 

Who fears of social workers?

Keren Fishzon, CEO of the NGO “Magen Mishpacha” tells: This elderly couple contacted me at a meeting with repatriates in the Jerusalem community center (matnas) Phillip Leon. They unexpectedly found themselves in debt to the National Insurance Institute (Bituah Leumi - BL), although the amount they...

"Bituah Leumi", a 15-minute conversation

Officials at the Ministry of Absorption gave a new repatriate Z, a 60-year-old doctor, the address of an owner of an apartment for rent. However, two weeks later it turned out that the landlady was tried to manipulate with the municipal tax deduction for new repatriates. She prepared two contracts...

Housing Problem

An immigrant who has been living in Israel for more than a decade contacted the NGO “Magen Mishpacha”  was asked for help. She is a single mother who has no family in Israel. The woman was left alone when her daughter was one year old. Even in the kindergarten, the child had problems with behavior...

Family and School

The Ys repatriated from Moscow. Before moving to Israel, the family contacted the representatives of the Jerusalem department of the Ministry of Absorption and the officials promised to give them contacts of realtors. The family got air tickets at the Jewish Agency Sokhnut, but a few days before their...

When everyone is on Holiday

The letter came from Elena K. When, a couple of months ago, I asked a question about the social workers’ responsibilities in the Facebook group “Newcomers, you are welcome!” I did not expect any concrete help, I just wanted to know whom and how I should contact with this and that issue. I was...

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