Housing Problem

Officials at the Ministry of Absorption gave a new repatriate Z, a 60-year-old doctor, the address of an owner of an apartment for rent. However, two weeks later it turned out that the landlady was tried to manipulate with the municipal tax deduction for new repatriates. She prepared two contracts - one in Russian, the other in Hebrew.

In the Russian version contract it was written that the repatriate rents one room in a three-room apartment, while the contract in Hebrew, which the repatriate signed, not understanding a word, said that she rents the whole apartment.

The landlady drew up, in the name of the repatriate, deductions of the land tax (arnona) as well as of payments for water and electricity. At the same time, she continued to live in an apartment with the repatriate and later invented a pretext to evict the lodger.

The woman was left unsettled. The NGO “Magen Mishpacha” received her request and our volunteers accommodated the woman in their apartment.

Appeal to the public protection did not bring results, because it was impossible to cancel the contract and return 11 checks using legal mechanisms. The city's assistance department for repatriates, as well as the Ministry of Absorption, avoided solving this problem.

The Community Legal Service could not help because it was impossible to terminate the contract and get 11 checks back along the legal avenue. The city department of assistance to repatriates, as well as the Ministry of Absorption, kept aloof from solving the problem.

The NGO’s  volunteers arranged a meeting with the landlord at the municipality, where she voluntarily returned the repatriate’s checks and made the land tax to herself confirming that she obtained duction illegally.

As a result, the volunteers got an opportunity to help the repatriate to rent another apartment.

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