Financial literacy

Today in Israel, officials at all levels, including the government, say that the school must teach financial literacy. The problem is generally understandable - many young people dream of starting their own businesses, but do not have the necessary knowledge. As a result, small companies that could contribute to the development and prosperity of the economy and society, often become bankrupts within the first year of their existence. School graduates have the vaguest idea of investments, loans and trusts, and as a result they act with the help of intuition, which often let them down. At the same time, the introduction of "financial literacy" subject into the school curriculum seems to be a matter of a distant future, primarily because of the shortage of qualified teachers. We believe that the families can and should take this important matter into their own hands. NGO "Magen Mishpacha", with the help of Vladimir Haham, our volunteer and a professional coach, is carrying out the "Financial Literacy" project on the website.

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