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Our country, Israel is a humane, democratic, legal state that takes into account the rights and needs of all its citizens and residents. Our mission is to help the citizens and residents of Israel to learn about their rights and to enjoy them, making legal education accessible, and the activities of state institutions transparent.



• More than a million Israelis get help from the National Insurance Service (Bituah Leumi) and other social security agencies. Many remain unnoticed by these institutions’but also need help. All of them are potential customers of our NGO. It should be noted that although Magen Mishpacha has been working mainly in the interests of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, today our experience and methods of work are relevant for almost any Israeli citizen.

• A broad audience – which is actually all the current and would-be Israeli citizens, wishing that their relations with state agencies as well as the bureaucratic procedures which they are to undergo, were more transparent, understandable, consistent and effective. 



• Government officials and decision-makers, including members of the Knesset and government agencies  such as ministries, municipalities, and so on. Our NGO promotes more successful citizens' contacts with these institutions and helps to simplify decision-making that facilitates the lives of individuals.

• “Magen Mishpakcha” cooperates closely with such NGOs as “Yadid” (legal aid and advice for our clients), “Kav Le Oved” (labor law issues), “Our Pension” (pension rights) and “Maabora” (the issue of providing citizens with municipal housing).




By present day, we have helped hundreds of Israeli citizens who find themselves in difficult situations. 

Such situations include unfounded withdrawal of children from families, the arbitrariness of local authorities with regard to new immigrants, some abuse by unscrupulous officials, manipulative behavior towards the senior citizens; various conflict situations and / or inconsistent actions of the public health system, social security, educational institutions for new immigrants, and much more.

There are many such stories, and each of our clients has their own pain and their own success story. We provide assistance in cases when state institutions are not in a position to provide a prompt and correct solution. Our NGO is engaged in coordinating the activities of various institutions and, at the same time, providing moral and physical support to the affected citizens.

• An opinion of an official, "When “Magen Mishpacha” appears, the relations between civil servants and citizens become more trusting, and signs of mutual understanding begin to emerge”.



"Magen Mishpacha" is highly respected by the citizens of Israel. Our NGO has cooperated cooperated with such members of the Knesset as Marina Solodkina (deceased), Yossi Yona, Michal Rozin and others. Our organization is recognized by professional committees of various state institutions and even by courts. For example, the official representative of the social service of Ashdod municipality says, "We faced serious problems in the family O. Their child was to be withdrawn from the family. The participation of NGOs made this bitter need unnecessary. The child has  been left with his mother, the school and family are cooperating with Magen Mishpacha.

Feedback from civil servants and government officials:

• Robert Tivyaev, a member of the Knesset (in an interview to the Israeli 9th TV channel), "The system forgets about a concrete person, “Magen Mishpacha” fills this niche." 

• A juvenile court judge, "This is the first time we put a family under the supervision of the “Magen Mishpacha” NGO, and the result was much better than expected."



One of the main shortcomings of our civil service structure is the decentralization of authority and the absence of  "one window service".

In this regard, it should be noted that Magen Mishpacha has already launched a call center and has received a result that says a lot: without any advertising and public relations work, the flow of phone calls to private numbers of NGO volunteers does not stop. The next necessary step is the mobilization of more volunteers throughout Israel in order to work with these applications.

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Our mission is to help Israeli citizens and residents know their rights and enjoy them, to open free access to legal education, to make authorities’ activities transparent.

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