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   Together We Can Make a Change

The “Magen Mishpaha” organization is first and foremost an individual help and support for anybody who comes to us. Almost every Israeli citizen at least once has been in a situation when they are drowning in lots og questions – “what, where, when, what for, and what happens afterwards, and what if?..”  How and where would they search for answers?                                                                                                                                 Everything seems very obvious – there are special institutions, there are laws and regulations and a certain order in which different life issues are treated. But even when the regulations are well thought of, some unexpected problems could still come up, because there aren’t two lives that are exactly the same. All the happy people are alike, but if you are facing troubles or problems – everything is very personal and unique. That’s why our non-profit organization “Magen Mishpaha” exists. We operate a hotline called “Right for Protection”, and its name reflects its essence. Everyone who calls this hotline gets help – for free. We’ll never tell you that we “don’t deal with this kind of problems”. We accept all requests and treat each case individually. Often new immigrants just don’t know or understand where they should turn in order to solve their particular issue. In that case we provide detailed consulting and if needed, escort the person to the relevant institution.

Sometimes there are cases when the person “falls between the cracks” and it’s difficult or even impossible to assign their particular problem to a certain institution or organization. In that case we accompany them at every step of the way, helping and supporting them till the solution is found, no charge. We make it our business to get into every particular detail of the case. In other words, we are serving as bridge between people and government agencies. You can judge how successful we are by the fact that we almost never make any sort of advertising. People mostly find us through their friends and relatives – those whom we helped before found our services effective and recommended them to others.

We invite you to become our partners and together help those in need. Even though we are all volunteers and aren’t getting paid, still the organization has great expenses. You can see them all in our report. How can you help?

  • Make a one-time donation in any branch of a postal bank.

  • Request a direct debit in your bank with Magen Mishpaha as a beneficiary.

  • Donate through PayPal to

  • Donate via your banking card to Magen Mishpaha bank account.

  • Account Number: 8186240

  • Bank Number: 009 

  • Bank Name: Bank Hadoar

  • Branch Number: 001

We publish the full financial report regarding our expenses.

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