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"Don't be Afraid of Asking for Help!"

A couple of months ago I posted a question on the Magen Mishpacha Facebook page. I simply was curious about whom to contact about various specific issues.  The response I received was overwhelming.  I was so warmly welcomed.  I had not expected any concrete help – this had been a general inquiry.  I was pleasantly surprised by the responses.


I am especially grateful to Keren Fishzon. Keren posted in many Facebook groups about me and some of the issues I was facing, and as a result many people responded. ​


I am not one to ask for help, I find that very difficult – but Keren did the asking for me! 


One of my issues is that I am disabled.  I needed to apply to Bituach Leumi (National Insurance) for disability certification and a kitzbat nichut (disability pension).  Keren accompanied me to the offices of Bituah Leumi, she helped me to complete all the paperwork, and she translated my interview with the social worker.  Just today I received a text message informing me that my application succeeded and will be receiving a kitzbat nichut! ​


When the weather turned very cold in Jerusalem, and I could not afford to buy myself a warm blanket and a heater, I requested help via social services.  I was naive enough to believe that the social services would speed up the process of supplying me with a blanket and a heater, but the weather continued to be very cold and days went by and I had not received anything.   Ultimately, it was not social services who helped me – Keren and Magen Mishpacha did! 


In the pouring rain came a young man and he brought me a blanket so I did not freeze, a young lady brought a heater.  Mind you, I live on the third floor in a building with no elevator. Another nice girl, Michal, came to help me deal with my medical records, because I do not know Hebrew .


For me, the most surprising thing was that there are at Magen Mishpacha so many people who are ready to help.​


Many thanks to Magen Mishpacha for making my entry to living in Israel so much better.  


One word of advice to all new immigrants:  Don’t be afraid to ask for help! 

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