"Don't be Afraid of Asking for Help!"

The letter came from Elena K.

When, a couple of months ago, I asked a question about the social workers’ responsibilities in the Facebook group “Newcomers, you are welcome!” I did not expect any concrete help, I just wanted to know whom and how I should contact with this and that issue. I was greatly surprised at how many people called or wrote me.

I am especially grateful to Keren Fishzon and her NGO Magen Mishpacha. Keren wrote about me in a number of FB groups, and many people responded.

For me, asking for help is a very difficult move. Keren did it for me!

Later, together with Keren, we went to the Bituah Leumi, she helped me to do all the paperwork, and today I received a text message informing me that I was given a disability payment!

I was naive enough to believe that the social services would somehow “wake up” and speed up the process of giving me a blanket and a heater, I was ready to froze for a couple of days (the problem arose during the cold winter in Jerusalem - editor's note). But it was not social services who helped me, it was Keren and the volunteers of her NGO.

In the pouring rain came a young man and brought me a blanket so I did not freeze, the young lady brought a heater and brought it to me, on the third floor without an elevator herself. Another nice girl, Michal, came to help me deal with my medical records, because I do not know Hebrew and carry all the papers I have with me.

It was shower rain when a young man came and brought me a blanket so that I did not freeze, a young lady came with a heater and brought it to my flat on the third floor without an elevator. Another nice girl, Michal, came to help me with understanding of medical records written in Hebrew which I don’t speak and have to carry on me all the papers I have.

For me, the most surprising thing was that so many people of various ages are ready to help.

Many thanks! And a piece of advice to newcomers: do not afraid of asking for help!

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