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When Everyone Is on Holiday

The Yanov family immigrated to Israel from Moscow. Before moving to Israel, the family contacted representatives of Misrad HaKlita (Ministry of Absorption) in Jerusalem and the officials promised to provide them with referrals to real estate agents in Israel, along with contact information.  Unfortunately, the promised referrals did not come through. 


The family had received their flight tickets from the Socnut (Jewish Agency).  Then, just a few days before they departed Moscow, Misrad HaKlita shut down for a national holiday.  No employees were working.  The family had no choice but to fly to Israel without that information. 


Upon arrival in Israel, the Yanovs contacted Magen Mishpacha – via the Facebook page of the organization. One of our volunteers generously hosted the entire family in their own home.  Unfortunately, during this time, Mrs. Yanov became seriously ill.  Ultimately, Mrs. Yanov was taken to the hospital by ambulance. However, the hospital would be unable to treat her without a referral - due to the national holiday, the kupot cholim (health insurance companies) were closed.  No referral could be obtained


During this difficult period, our volunteers arranged comprehensive assistance for the family - helped to rent an apartment without a realtor, to open a bank account, to buy household articles, to baby-sit the Yanov’s child. They supported the new immigrants in their interactions with various institutions where they were unfamiliar with the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the Israeli systems. The volunteers also coordinated the efforts of the hospital’s social services, the Ministry of Absorption, and the Welfare Department. All this ensured the Yanov family received what was needed and that Mrs. Yanov received appropriate medical treatment. 


When everyone is on holiday, Magen Mishpacha is there to make sure that no one falls through the cracks.

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