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Institutional and Governmental Advocacy

Within the framework of this effort, representatives of Magen Mishpacha take part in meetings of the Knesset, support legislative initiatives, and interact with various state institutions, seeking the enforcement of existing laws.  Others, such as our volunteers, or those whom we have helped (parents and/or their children) may also be involved at times. We use facts, the media, and messaging to educate government officials and the public about the needs of the people we serve. ​

The "We Care" program aims to help socially weak populations – immigrants, elderly, sick, disabled, and other individuals and families who may need assistance.  

"We Care" covers the following areas: 

  • Legal Education

  • Crisis Prevention

  • Financial Literacy

    • Personal or family money management

    • Business finances

    • Banking systems in Israel

    • Investing in Israel

  • Social services and welfare systems

  • Labor law

  • Municipal housing

  • Health care systems

  • Absorption and integration issues

  • Pension rights – in Israel and from countries of origin

  • Updates on relevant issues are posted on the website (in English, Russian, and Hebrew)

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