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Our History

Magen Mishpacha is a non-profit organization committed to helping individuals and families in need, whose cases require the kind of help they should be receiving from the government. However, due to communication difficulties, lack of inter-agency cooperation, lack of qualified personnel, or simply due to bureaucratic blunders, the help needed fails to reach those in need.  Magen Mishpacha steps in, and works to correct what is wrong, and to get those individuals the help they so desperately need. 

Magen Mishpacha takes a holistic view of citizen’s rights and needs.  All individuals, and families, with all the complexities of their particular situations, have the right to receive focused and appropriate attention from the agencies which are purported to help them.  We concentrate on both solving the particular problems of our numerous applicants, while at the same time, strengthening their awareness of their rights and ensuring they have access to governmental services and utilize all the opportunities available for personal development. 

Formally established in 2015, Magen Mishpacha is rooted in wide-scale voluntary activity. We, along with our cadre of volunteers and professionals, have provided compassionate and personalized assistance for more than 200 Israeli citizens who found themselves, through no fault of their own, caught in bureaucratic entanglements, oftentimes with dire consequences.


Cases of unjustified removal of children from their families, arbitrary decisions made by authorities toward new immigrants, abuse by unscrupulous officials, manipulative behavior toward the elderly, and various situations of conflict and misunderstandings between individuals and the public health system, Bituach Leumi, and the educational system are among some of the  problems we help to resolve. 

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