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Exhaustion of rights

Everyone has basic rights under Israeli law.  At Magen Mishpacha we undertake to educate those who come to us for help about what their rights and obligations are and what to do, if and when those rights are violated.  We get involved if there is a crisis as a result of misunderstandings or troubles due to lack of knowledge of an individual’s rights.

We cover many issues including the following

  • if you are stopped by the police

  • freedom to express your religion and beliefs

  • in the educational system

  • Voting rights

  • Right to be protected against discrimination of any kind – gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age

  • Rights of individuals with disabilities to be accommodated

  • Rights of immigrants

  • Housing rights

  • Employment rights

  • Neighborhood squabbles

  • Scams

  • Guardianship

  • Bituach Leumi

  • Banks

  • Taxes

  • Consumer concerns

  • Rights to fiscal benefits of every kind

  • Senior citizens


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