Magen Mishpacha is a non-profit organization that operates thanks to 250+ volunteers who take their time of day & hard work and put it into an amazing cause.


We work hard, and we are good at what we do, the difference we make is the reason we as an organization keep moving forward. but as we take bigger challenges, the resources we need increase, and so does the demand.


In a perfect world we wouldn't need funding to make a change, but unfortunately to make a better world we do.


Please consider supporting us by donating once or through a monthly subscription.


 and be sure to select which of our projects you'd like to support directly:


"The Meet" Project

Exhaustion of Rights Project

Multiculturalism Project

Veteran Citizens Project

Integration Project

"We Care" Project

Financial Literacy Project

Civil Society Project

Women Volunteers

משימתנו היא לעזור לאזרחים ותושבים ישראליים להכיר את הזכויות שלהם ולהנות מהן, לאפשר גישה בחינם להשכלה בנושאי החוק ולקדם שקיפות בפעילות הרשויות.

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