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Can you help me?

If a person contacts us, we never reply “It is not our issue”. If there is an institution capable solve your problem faster and more efficiently than we, we will send you there. If necessary, we will help you to fill out the forms and give a translator for free. If your problem turns out to be "between institutions", we will become a kind of bridge connecting different departments, and we will be with you until the result.

What should I do to get your help?

The simplest option is to contact our Hotline "Right to Defense". You can do that by phone (972-722-414-111) or through the form on the website.

How much does your help cost?

We don't charge a penny! We do what we do completely for free.

however, we welcome donations to support and expand our work. 

Where can I find detailed information about how and whom you help?

In "We helped" section of our website.

Can I participate in your work?

NGO "Magen Mishpacha" never stops recruiting of volunteers. If you want to join us, tell us something about yourself. You can choose the kind of activity you are interested in, and work together with nice people, knowing that you do useful and necessary things.

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