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למי סייענו 

Many immigrants – new and not so new – often find themselves facing problems which they are unable to resolve on their own.  Various issues such as language (lack of Hebrew), cultural differences, lack of understanding of how the various social services or health care systems in Israel work may cause these problems.  Frequently, immigrants are unaware that there IS a problem until is becomes a full-scale crisis – such as removal of children from the family unit, burden of increasing debts, lawsuits, confiscation of property, etc. 

Magen Mishpacha steps in and gets involved in helping these individuals and families extricate themselves from these crises.  However – we consider the PREVENTION of these crises far more crucial. 

We therefore work to disseminate information to new immigrant in Israel in order to help them avoid such crisis situations.  Lectures, by our CEO, Keren Fishzon are given on various topics such as:

  • Civil Rights and Crisis Prevention

  • Adaptation of Children in the Education System

  • Housing rentals and the Fair Lease Act

  • Banking systems in Israel

  • Pensions – from your country of origin and Israeli pension system

  • Israeli Labor Law

  • Municipal Housing

  • Dealing with various agencies in Israel such as Ministry of Absorption, Ministry of the Interior, Bituach Leumi, Kupot Cholim, Misrad HaRishui, etc

These lectures take place in various cities across Israel, with the support of their municipalities. 

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