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NON-profit Organization

Magen Mishpacha

We fight to promote appropriate solutions for families who are suffering due to social, legal, or financial distress, and to create social spaces in which there is opportunity for justice, inclusion, equality, mutual assurances, and unequivocal humanity.

While our main focus is defending human rights  and improving the lives of Russian immigrant, We assist almost anyone in need, and by our model - create projects if there is high demand or urgency.

Since 2005, We have worked to change the lives of Israeli families and individuals.

Who we are

WhAT we DO

From helping individuals in crisis situation to establishing large scale projects - we fight for your rights.

Join a 250  - country spread volunteer community and take action to make Israel better.

hOW TO help

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We take privacy seriously.

Need Help?

we're here for you.

Your personal information will only be known to the Magen Mishpacha volunteer assinged to you, once your case is solved, your information is deleted.


Our Projects

Each created from an overflow of inquiries holding similar issues

Pressure Points
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          ALREADY :)

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